Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Kolkata, 31st March, 2009 : The word “Animation” is all about Soul as “Anima” means SOUL in Latin. Unfortunately, technology has obliterated the soul from our animation.

Some 15 odd mentors from Arena Park Street were to find this out over two days in the sanctum of academics at Jadavpur University courtesy the infallible, energetic, enthusiastic and adorable Prosenjit Ganguly aka PJ.

On 29th March 2009 the day began with a quote of Brad Bird:

“The first step in achieving the impossible believing that the impossible can be achieved"

and this was enough to charge up everyone present.

Animation is an art of visual communication, based on conceptualization. Here Film is the Soul and Art is its Heart.

The essence of the program can best be summed up in the words of John Lassetter:

“Computers don’t create computer animation any more than pencils create pencil animation. What creates computer animation is the artist.”

Thoughts should always reflect the imagination irrespective of the field of application whether it be animation, screenplay writing or even graphic designing.

The core element of unique art form always needs a medium to express. And graphics or animation films (narrative / non narrative) are one of the finest mediums to communicate. Technology is only required to deliver the expression or to communicate the thoughts that we develop.

The entire bunch began the day by honouring legends like Charlie Chaplin, Satyajit Ray and few academy award winning filmmakers and made the day very nostalgic.

We all watched some great films including:

o I met the walrus

o Creature Comfort

o Every Child

o Balance

o Octupodi

o Cat came back

o An occurrence at the Owl Creek’s bridge

PJ also emphasized on the essentials of character design-its universe, treatment of films, screenplay, pitching, storyboarding etc. He explained brilliantly the importance of conceptualization, aesthetic sense and skills, in the process of film design with the help of these films.

The most interesting part of that two-day session was that both the days all the mentors were given assignments. They were given crayons and papers (the most fundamental tools) and they had to paint to the rhythm of sounds of flute and Tchaikovsky. The exercise was designed to cure the fear of colour from our minds.

PJ ended day 1 with an assignment on pitching ideas. He gave all of us a premise or brief wherein we were to prepare the concept and story for a PSA (Public Service Announcement) of 20 seconds to be aired on TV and whose message was that “Ghosts exist but we don’t have to be scared about them”

Day – 2 began with the pitches and turned out to be another brilliant session since the experience of pitching ones idea was new and unique for most if us.

The two-day long session was to discover the ART from HEART, ACT from ACTING and above all the SOUL from ANIMAtion (Anima means Soul in Latin). And to get the Soul we have to “Live in Animation.” Obliterated

We would like to thank PJ personally from the core of our hearts as he has made us learn the fun and artistic way of playing with colors- it’s all about “RHYTHM & SKETCH”… Thanks a lot and hope to see you again with few more assignments for us..!

- Arundhati Halder

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cj4gta said...

You summed it up very well. This seminar has cleared a lot of doubts about how we should approach learning animation in general.